Knauf Egypt Launches New Gyspum Product to Meet Market Needs

Posted on 13-08-2017


Cairo, Egypt (8/6/2017) – In response to needs from a growing construction industry Knauf Egypt recently launched a new product. Knauf Gypsum Board 9.5 mm has been welcomed by contractors and others in the local market and praised for its new slim line and lighter weight. Perfectly suited to all build types, the new gypsum board has not sacrificed any of the qualities that define the brand. As a leader in the field, Knauf invests in research, development and innovation with German know-how, showing its commitment to producing environmentally-friendly, sustainable products for use around the globe.

Knauf Gypsum Board 9.5 mm is strong, durable, versatile and meets the stringent standards set by Knauf for all products. Adding to its attractiveness to customers, it is also economically priced, placing it in a very competitive position. Knauf customer support is readily available, along with training sessions on use of this and similar products.

For more information on this exciting new addition to the Knauf range of products please visit the dealers; network:

Knauf Egypt Launches New Gyspum Product to Meet Market Needs

Knauf Egypt Hosts Leading Dealers on Visit to Greece

Posted on 12-04-2017

Knauf Egypt selected its five top dealers to join the Sales Manager and Drywall Manager on a trip to Knauf Greece in the middle of last year. This annual event visits different Knauf locations and serves to expand the dealers; product knowledge by viewing various production processes, along with giving them a chance to meet each other.

During the week-long visit the group paid a visit to Knauf Greece head office and the Knauf Aquapanel plant, where they had a full introduction to the stages of production. Further trips are planned for coming years, giving dealers the opportunity to learn more about Knauf and its wide range of building products, systems and accessories.

Knauf Egypt Hosts Leading Dealers on Visit to Greece

Knauf Egypt Hosts Visit to Knauf Werktage Exhibition in Stuttgart

Posted on 16-02-2017

Knauf Egypt invited twenty of their valued customers to attend the Knauf Werktage exhibition which took place on the 15th and 16th of February 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany. Attendees accompanying the Knauf Egypt team included ten consultants and six local dealers, in addition to four representatives from African dealerships. Werktage is a regular event, enabling Knauf Germany to present their wide and diverse range of products as well as showing their usage.

Werktage is not only a platform for showcasing products, it also creates networking opportunities for consultants, contractors, and dealers, allowing them to benefit from an exchange of ideas and experiences, providing an added level of benefits for both Knauf teams and their visitors and guests.

Knauf Egypt Hosts Visit to Knauf  Werktage Exhibition in Stuttgart

Building Stronger Bonds

Posted on 22-12-2016

Knauf Egypt places immense value on its relationship with the many consultants, dealers and contractors it works with on many projects. To show both appreciation for their loyalty to the brand, and to allow them to learn more about the exciting developments in Knauf systems and products Knauf Egypt arranges yearly visits to Knauf headquarters in Iphofen.

This year the visitors made a visit to a gypsum mine, where they were able to view the extraction process of pure gypsum first-hand. This was followed by time at a plant where they were able to see the stages of the production process. Time was also given to seminars where the visitors from Egypt learned about Knauf standards, certification and extensive range of products. By having the opportunity to see the efficiency and organisation that goes into the production of every Knauf product the visitors gained a valuable understanding of why Knauf is the market leader in its field.

Then, to allow everyone time to unwind and relax after an intense programme the group continued to Spain for a short break, where they soaked up the wonderful atmosphere and hospitality before returning home.

Building Stronger Bonds

Knauf Egypt Receives Visit from Mrs. Isabel Knauf

Posted on 23-03-2016

Knauf Egypt, part of the multinational, family-owned company based in Iphofen, Germany, recently had the pleasure of receiving Mrs. Isabel Knauf. The company is well known for drywall gypsum boards and is a leading producer of building materials and construction systems for drywall construction and insulation materials under the company Knauf Insulation.

Mrs. Knauf visited Egypt to personally congratulate the Knauf Egypt sales team for meeting their targets and for their exceptional ongoing efforts. The visit also presented the opportunity to discuss Knauf Egypt strategies for 2017, with a focus on the introduction of the latest products to meet market requirements. The visit was considered a great success, and was deserved recognition of the important role Knauf Egypt holds in supplying top quality construction materials to a rapidly expanding industry.

Knauf Egypt Receives Visit from Mrs. Isabel Knauf

Training of Knauf Systems in Uganda – Kampala

Posted on 14-10-2015

In the world's second most populous landlocked country, Uganda, Knauf Egypt decided to increase the market awareness not only for Knauf products, but also for the company’s profile, history and complete systems.

Knauf Egypt started to supply the Ugandan market in the middle of 2015 and recognizing the potential of the market, it decided to organize onsite training, which took place on the premises of Knauf customer “Super Hardware & Suppliers (U) Ltd”. The response was very high and people from different sectors started to come from different places of Kampala.
Mr. Georgios Zachopoulos, Managing Director of Knauf Gypsum Tanzania Ltd., and Mr. George Charalambous, Export Manager of Knauf Egypt, were responsible for organizing the training together with the customer and other colleagues from Knauf Kenya and Knauf Egypt.

The training included 63 attendees from different sectors and lasted for three consecutive days. Theoretical and practical material was presented in the training and at the end of the training, each trainee was handed out a personalized certificate. They gained a broad knowledge about Knauf’s complete systems and especially the solutions Knauf can offer.

Knauf Participation in Sudan Projex Exhibition 2013

Definitely considered the main event on the calendar for the construction, agri-business and allied industries for Sudan and the neighbouring region, Projex welcomed the participation of Knauf as the only company present at the exhibition producing dry wall construction systems and gypsum boards.

The event hosted 84 companies in the building sector, from 4 countries and provided Knauf with many valuable contacts. Knauf also received ample exposure through the media and exhibition material, which attracted many enquiries. Knauf sees the region as holding a lot of business potential, and in view of favorable trade agreements between Egypt and Sudan plan to pursue opportunities.

Training of Knauf Systems in Uganda – Kampala