Knauf AQUAPANEL® Fugenband

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Fugenband

AQUAPANEL® joint belt (10 cm) is a glass mesh fabric with an alkali-resistant coating. It is used to arm the joints in indoor applications and outdoor applications in the wall and ceiling area.


Product Description

A 100mm wide glass fibre tape with an alkaline-resistant coating.

It is embedded into Knauf AQUAPANEL® Joint Filler - Grey, AQUAPANEL® Interior Joint Filler 

& Skim Coating - White or tile adhesive to reinforce joints as part of the Knauf AQUAPANEL® 

Exterior and Interior systems.



  • White and grey
  • The tape is 10 cm


Product Features 

Flexible surface design



  • Fill joints with AQUAPANEL® Joint Filler & Skim Coating – white (interior walls and ceilings on AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor), 
  •  AQUAPANEL® Joint Filler – grey (exterior ceilings and walls on AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor).
  •  AQUAPANEL® SkyLite Joint Filler & Skim Coating (exterior and interior ceilings on AQUAPANEL® Cement Board SkyLite).
  • Tile adhesive (interiors on AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Floor Tile Underlay) and embed AQUAPANEL® Tape (10 cm).
  • For secure jointing on Aquapanel boards.
  • Manufactured from alkali-resisting fibreglass.



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