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From early days in 1998 as a representative office, distributing Knauf products and offering technical support, to the 2003 establishment of gypsum drywall production, through to today, Knauf Egypt goes from strength to strength. An established name for gypsum products and accessories within the building industry, Knauf Egypt is the brand of choice for contractors, engineers, and project developers. 

Coming from strong German roots, Knauf is a family-owned company that has carved out a place as one of the world's leading suppliers of gypsum-based, energy efficient insulation, and innovative building systems. With 75 years experience in the field, Knauf has expanded to share German expertise and quality in over 220 locations in 80 countries. Knauf Egypt is proud to be part of the Knauf family, upholding the commitment to dependability, dedicated customer care and exceptional products. 

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The Knauf Family

Founded in 1932 by Alfons and Karl, Knauf is a multinational company with operations in more than 150 production sites worldwide present in more than 37 countries.Today Knauf is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of building materials.

Blending innovation with more than 75 years of extensive experience, Knauf has secured a leading positing in the technology of building board. Knauf drywall systems have been installed around the world with proven success.

Leadership has been won by a combination of specialist expertise, an understanding of customer needs and a record of pioneering achievement.

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