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Here, we have gathered several pictures featuring the uses of Knauf’s products and solutions. Knauf systems are suitable for a variety of places like houses, offices, administrative buildings, hospitals, etc. Our products are characterized by their high-quality, ease of installation in addition to the aesthetic touch they add to the place.

Kitchen are always sloppy and hot! To grant you a convenient and safe place to cook , we recommend you to use :

Fire-resistant gypsum boards which are especially designed to offer superior fire resistance. Moisture-Resistant gypsum boards which are manufactured especially for use in areas exposed to moisture and humidity. Cement boards indoor which are solid, durable tile backing board. The tile is 100% water resistant, robust, impact and mold resistant that can be used for constructing indoor walls and ceilings.

Easy-Maintenance Ceiling, whether you have indoor or outdoor business premises, you should maintain it on regular basis and to grant easy maintenance with minimal cost for your ceiling , we recommend to use:

Gypsum tiles for easy application and maintenance. Perforated tiles which have high sound absorption with air cleaning effect.