Knauf Suspended Ceilings are high-end systems that are manufactured in compliance with international building standards. Knauf offers a range of versatile and decorative ceiling systems, including demountable and smart solutions. Solutions: D112/D113 following EN-DIN , Solution: ENBS following ENBS, Tiles following EN standards. Whatever the requirement, there will be a Knauf ceiling system to meet it.
Used for all types of interior ceiling installations, Knauf has a comprehensive inventory of suspended ceiling components. We can apply a wide range of different types of Knauf gypsum board, selecting the optimum solution for each application. Knauf Suspended Ceiling systems are supported by metal grids consists of main carrying channels and secondary furring channels, creating a secure base, no matter what size or shape the ceiling may be.
1. Ideal for the construction of high-rise buildings.
2. Execution of various architectural designs.
3. Decorative surfaces creations
4. Concealing service and electrical wires after their installation.
5. Hiding all concrete and main non-design related structural elements.
6. Perfect solution for seismic requirements.
7. Used in all types of interior ceiling installations: Entertainment, commercial, residential, administrative, shopping outlets, industrial, health care, hotels, educational, etc…

Optional Features:
* Fire Resistant
* Moisture Resistance
* Sound insulation
* Interior design

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