Knauf Egypt was formed with the support of Knauf Greece in 1998 as a representative office at a time when the building industry was facing a huge surge. A rapidly growing population had to be met with housing, commercial and educational facilities, medical centres and hospitals. Traditional construction methods had become slow, labour intensive and impractical in many instances. It was time to look towards the future of construction.

Working first with distribution, supported by technical assistance for the distributors, consultants and contractors who used the products, Knauf Egypt grew quickly. The company quickly became known not just as a supplier of high quality German products, but also as a solution provider, with the knowledge and expertise to guide its customers.

2003 saw the formation of Knauf Egypt as a limited liability company with a ready and expanding market for specialized dry wall construction products. Warehouse facilities formed a key element in the success of having a ready product supply.

In 2010, with an investment budget of 40 million Euros, Knauf Egypt established a state-of-the-art facility for the production of gypsum board, plaster products and metal profiles to supply not only the local needs, but also by May 2015 to start exporting to neighboring countries of Jordan and Libya. This has further been boosted by exports and provision of assistance to Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Madagascar, Mozambique, Rwanda, Nigeria, Somalia, Greece
Djibouti and Eritrea.

Egypt Production Plan

Keeping abreast of steadily increasing demand for high quality products, systems and building solutions, Knauf Egypt has its eye firmly on future expansion. Knauf Egypt maintains its mission to supply the local market with Egyptian products manufactured to European standards, with competitive pricing. Already a leading supplier in drywall systems, Knauf Egypt is on track to further expand its reach and market share within the industry.

In view of the excellent quality there is an exceedingly high demand for the product, resulting in the plant expanding its production to double in 2016 to cover the requirements.

Local manpower employed by Knauf benefits from excellent vocational training, and are not only conversant with existing products, but are ready to embrace new innovations as they arrive.

"Today, Knauf Egypt also holds regional responsibility for their business not only throughout Egypt, but also in neighboring Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania."

Knauf Gypsum
Knauf Egypt grasped the opportunity to build a plasterboard and gypsum plaster factory in the Ataqa Industrial Zone in Suez. This major investment of 50 million USD showed confidence in the country's development track and was purely self-financed.

In order to maintain its impeccable standards and consistent level of quality Knauf constructed the factory in Suez with mostly German equipment.

Protection of the environment again plays a role, the production process meets German standards, and no waste water or flue gases are produced during the process.

In spite of slight delays due to regional instability from time to time, the Knauf plasterboard factory started production at the end of August 2014 and is now meeting excellent production levels.