Foundation and History Timelines

Great companies often spring from one small idea. And so it was with Knauf.

When brothers and mining engineers, Alfons and Karl Knauf secured the rights to mine gypsum deposits in Obermosel, Germany in 1932 it was the first step towards creating what is now a global name in the world of building products and solutions.


1930 - 50S

1932: Alfons and Karl Knauf acquire mineral rights to a gypsum quarry in Schengen (Luxembourg) and open a plaster plant in Perl an der Mosel.
1949: In Lower Franconia Iphofen, a new plaster work.
1958: Construction of the first plasterboard plant in Iphofen.


1960: Knauf brings the Haftputz Rotband the first premixed in dry mortars for gypsum plastering on the market.
1964: Knauf developed with the MP75 first machine use plaster and sets a valid today Standard.


1980: Knauf launches the first self-leveling flow line on anhydrite.
1981: The special plasterboard Knauf Fireboard extends the capabilities of dry construction in high-quality fire protection.
1982: The Joint Filler Knauf Uniflott facilitates Filling of gypsum boards and sets a new standard. At the same time, Knauf develops the half-rounded and flattened edge of the gypsum plate (HRAK), which can be applied without jointing strips.
1985: Introduction of Basecoat SM700 for bonding and arming of all Knauf WARM WALL systems. In its further development, the SM700 pro today is regarded as a mineral, universal all-rounder for the façade and base.


1993: The introduction of the first Knauf Fire Wall enhance capabilities of modern dry construction.
1998: The thermal bridging socket connection Quix ensures perfect and easy to install concluding Knauf WARM WALL systems.
1998: The base sheet Katja Sprint makes the floor structure for perfect sealing against moisture acting from below.
1998: The Knauf Sliding Door System Krona binds sliding easily into a Knauf stud wall and thereby creates for extra space in new buildings or renovations.

2000 - 2005

2000: The design elements light wedge and moldings for Knauf WARM WALL systems open up new design possibilities for the thermally insulated facade.
2004: With the pre-fab screed Knauf Brio Knauf developed from mechanically highly durable gypsum fibreboard a floor standing in the modernization and construction of high noise and fire protection and fast installation times.
2005: With Knauf Diamant Knauf is a milestone for the quality drywall. The plasterboard combines noise protection, fire protection, moisture protection and high surface hardness.

2005 - 2010

2008/2009: The first knob days go on tour. In several locations throughout Germany, the Knauf Group companies present their innovations to the professional world. The concept is well received by the industry. 2013, a total of more than 17,000 visitors have already been reached.
2010: The special plasterboard Knauf Silentboard ensures exceptional performance in soundproofing.
2010: Knauf developed with machine plaster MP75 Diamant an innovative cleaning system for mechanically stressed surfaces.

2010 - 2015

2014: The surface-finished ceiling panels Cleaneo Up provides good acoustics in an attractive design.
2014: The special plasterboard Knauf Comfort Board 23 replaced in lightweight constructions missing mass memory and provides as latent heat storage and daily maintenance free active temperature management.
2014: The fire-resistant gypsum plaster MP 75 L Fire has in case of fire effective protection of structures made of concrete, steel and reinforced concrete.
2014: As a further development of the Knauf Sliding Systems opens Knauf Pocket Kit new dimensions.
2015: Knauf Pocket Kit Silent is the first sliding door system with integrated sound insulation.
2015: With Drystar Knauf brings a coordinated and complete system for private, public and commercial wet areas on the market.
2015: Socket SM Pro - the all-rounder for the socket with integrated moisture protection. For the first time, a material acts simultaneously as an adhesive and reinforcing mortar, surface plaster and waterproofing.
2015: The tuned on Knauf gypsum plasters indoor climate family creates a comfortable, pollution-free and moisture-regulating living environment.


2016: With the innovative Knauf Rotkalk in system, the Knauf Rot-Lime mineral insulation system combines healthy living and high energy efficiency effectively and safely.
2016: The mineral-based Knauf Mineral Active façade system offers comprehensive protection for permanently beautiful facades thanks to innovative bonding technology.

SINCE 2017

Is now expertly headed by Manfred Grunke and Alexander Knauf, continuing the guiding ethos of commitment, environmental sustainability, integrity, and entrepreneurial skills that has made the company the success it is today.