Our vision and our mission

What makes Knauf ? It is our sense of community. Our ability to make a good contribution to the completion of a building project. Our tradition to do only the best. Our will to think and act cooperatively. Everything in the interests of our customers. For their goals and their success. Thanks to our exceptional employees.
The Knauf Group is an international operating family company headquartered in the Franconia city of Iphofen. Our founders set good examples for us: a combination of various disciplines will always turn a dream into reality. There are numerous sections that create reliable values. We are people who stay true to our principles: we comes before I. Many people build a house. Until it stands.

Our vision

We are at the vanguard with our market leadership, innovation and production. These objectives ensure that we achieve above-average and profitable growth. Our success is the result of our sense of responsibility, reliability, and fairness in our dealings at all levels for our customers and our employees.

Knauf sets the benchmark:

• For gypsum-based products and systems
• For energy-efficient insulation materials
• For market development and customer orientation

Togetherness and cooperation

As a national and international leading manufacturer of modern building materials made of gypsum, insulation materials, moulded parts, packaging, construction equipment, and construction chemical products, we see ourselves as a partners for our customers, most of whom have been with us for many years. Whether its our know-how, our products, our system solutions, our comprehensive consulting services, or our support – everything serves only one purpose: the customer has an idea. And we will make it happen. Together.

Our mission

Knauf aims to be the market leader for safe, healthy and comfortable design of living spaces using Knauf products and systems for buildings that are innovative, environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, fairly-priced and sustainable

We take pride in our achievements