Values & Strategy

Looking ahead: Our strategy
Knauf combines tradition, sustainability and future orientation as a family company. Our inner compass is the four corporate values of humanity, partnership, commitment and entrepreneurship. Within the framework of our sustainability strategy, we identify important future trends and derive concrete fields of action and goals from them.

We see ourselves and all others who are doing our part as part of a large family. We stand for justice, decency and respect for each other. As a model for society, we are committed to social issues and are responsible for our environment.
We trust each other and can rely on each other. As a team, we support each other wherever possible. We are reliable and loyal.
We take responsibility for our work and pay attention to the impact of our decisions. With full commitment, we create solutions and products of the highest quality. For the joint success we develop further and share our knowledge.
We act pragmatically, result-oriented and use our opportunities. Through its entrepreneurial spirit, Knauf has successfully developed from a family business to a globally operating group of companies in family ownership. With a pioneering spirit, innovation and willingness to change, we are creating steady growth.

Sustainability strategy and objectives

The sustainability strategy of the Knauf Group is derived from the materiality analysis and the targets of our management systems. At the end of 2014, for example, we elaborated eleven fields of action to which sustainability management is targeted in the future.

Concrete quantitative targets exist for almost all of these fields of action. For example, our sites operate according to defined work safety management systems, such as OHSAS 18001. For this reason, we have performance indicators (KPIs), reporting processes, certifications and targets worldwide.In almost all areas, which are regulated by law, we have formulated much stricter requirements, such as user protection. If topics are not covered by a management system or regulatory requirements, Knauf develops product solutions in its own initiative by consistently identifying opportunities and closing market gaps in order to protect the interests of our customers in the long term. On the following pages you will find numerous further details.

The focus of our strategy is on our customers - their satisfaction, their safety, health and the natural environment. This is the only way to secure the future of Knauf.