Wall Cladding


Knauf Lining System can select various Knauf gypsum boards as veneer to meet different performance requirements. The board is fixed on a lightweight steel frame composed of Knauf CD 60 profile, Knauf Universal Bracket and Knauf UD 28 Perimeter Channel.


  • Relative large clear distance between lining wall and base wall, which is convenient for filling insulation materials and laying large pipelines.
  • It is suitable for walls with uneven surfaces.
  • Wide range of applications and no need of pre-treatment of base wall surface.

System components:

Knauf C Profile

It is the CD 60 x 27/ 0.6mm profile, which is the main component of Knauf lining system.

Knauf Multiconnector

It is used for extending the CD profile.

Knauf UD Channel

It is the UD 28x27x 0.5mm profile, which can serve as the channel along top and bottom.

Knauf Universal Bracket

It can fix the Knauf CD profile onto the wall surface.

Wall Cladding Wall Cladding